Thursday, July 22, 2010

Positively Positive

We made an offer on a house Monday night. We asked for a lot and didn't offer what the seller wanted. Our guide on this adventure, Marisa the Marvelous, told us we won't get what we ask for, but it gives us some wiggly room when they counter offer.

No one expected the seller to simply take what we were willing to give as well as do all the things we asked them to do.

But they did. 


All this to say that we have begun the first of many steps to purchasing this house that may one day be our home.

our home...

At work today so many ladies asked if I'd heard anything and when I shared the news they were all so excited for us. What great people! There were hugs and congratulations (even though I told them it's a "short sale" and it could be months before we know anything). It was a mini celebration of such awesome news.

Red met me for lunch and we drove over to the house. She's the first of our friends to see it. I felt so proud (even though it isn't my house...yet) as I showed her around and we peeked in the windows. We talked about improvements we could make and where I'll plant my roses. 

Red told me, "Just tell me what you need and I'll be there."

I feel as if we are having a baby or getting married or celebrating some great thing.

And, I guess we are!

So, here I sit, still afraid that things won't work out the way we'd like, but so overwhelmed by the prayers and good wishes of others. I have amazing friends!

Of that, I am positive.

When I consider how my family would react, I am thankful to be surrounded by those who won't judge. These folks don't care that we'll have to build a fence first thing. They realize that the kitchen is dated and will need an updating. Not one of them would say to may face that we are making a mistake.

There isn't a Negative Nelly in the bunch. 

One lady asked me last week why buying a house is so important to me. "After all, it's just a place to live," she said. I thought about her question and realized that part of the desire to own a home has to do with being the Queen of my own castle, while the rest of it is pure vengeance.

I've whined complained about my childhood before and about growing up feeling like a failure. I've never been the apple of my parents eye. Both my parents are negative about everything. It's a little disheartening to listen to them. They crawl under my skin and remind me time and again that I am a failure. A loser. A disappointment.

Well, at least they use to until I grew a spine and told them both to bugger off. 


Buying a house is proof positive of success. It means we've worked hard. We've saved. We've sacrificed (and how!). Making that mortgage payment is a hand gesture to my parents. And it isn't a nice one either.

Why do I want to buy a home?

Because I can.


Island Rider said...

You go girl!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...


T. Paine said...

Ma'am, you are a success at all the things that matter the very most in life, regardless if you were to own a house or not.

That being said, I am very happy for you and your beloved!

Bee and Rose said...

That is AWESOME! Congratulations!!!

That very thing happened to us with our last home...the seller just accepted our offer with all the crazy stuff we wanted...It was definitely "divine"!