Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Why do they call it "Reality TV"?

Not that I watch any of it. Okay, well, I use to watch American Idol, but those of us who live like the Amish do not watch the one-eyed monster.

We watch hulu.com instead. And mylifetime.com too. There's always Netflix.

Anyway, my point, is that reality is a very, very tough pill to swallow sometimes.

Reality is that there is never enough money.

Reality is that your children will grow up and move out. It's what they do. We want them to do this. But in reality, you know that it leaves you with a silent house and no one to watch chick flicks and share a blanket with.

In La La Land, you believe that once the kiddies are gone that you'll have lots of time for fun. So. Not. True.

See point number one: there is never enough money.

Point number two would be all of your other obligations. Like work. Work sucks up a lot of time and energy. There's the yard with ever growing weeds, or in my case, mountains of dirt from the recent ramp building venture that destroyed all the work I did last spring and summer. Let's not forget about the ill loved one who has literally fallen into your lap to be cared for.

We'll just leave out the part about family that can't be counted on.

So, my reality is this: I never see my friends. I'm broke. I have a seventy-five-year old whose not always fun to be around. I now have two houses to clean, a job to attend to, and no one to watch girl movies with.

And perhaps this is the reason that reality television isn't really reality, because really, who'd want to watch this?

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