Thursday, March 04, 2010

Once Upon a Dreaded Day

Thus far today I have packed Beloved's lunch and sent him on his merry way.

I have unclogged the shower.

Scooped the cat box.

Poached two eggs.

Washed the dishes.



And written a letter that I dreaded to write.

Then I stood back and marveled at my own wit.


It is a brilliant, sunny day here on the farm. I've got oodles to do and have a meeting later with my bosses. I'm debating what to wear. Casual or power? Yeah, like I have anything in my wardrobe that shouts POWER!

Girl has recently rolled out of bed and glared her good morning to me. Dingo the cat has played peek-a-boo through the refrigerator door (one of his favorite games, I might add), and Sam the dog has eaten the leftovers from said fridge and been all the happier for it.

I have perused the employment adds, only to be reminded that our economy is still languishing in the pit of despair. There are days that I'll need off, such as the ten days in May when I'll be battling with mighty giants back east.

There is so much to do. Graduation to finish planning, a baby shower I shouldn't have agreed to co-host, the return of Soldier Mommy to be celebrated, school to finish, FASA paperwork to complete, taxes to pay and the list goes on.

Evil thoughts still abound in my mind concerning Karma Girl and I wish I could simply shut them off...or act upon them...hehehehehe....


Yet, this is the day that the Lord has given to me. A day which may hold some pretty tense and possibly painful moments. I hope that I will act in an honorable and forgiving way.

Basically, I hope I will be completely different than I actually am.



I've decided, after some thought and some advice from my adopted Mom, that quitting isn't really an option. I've given Karma girl too much power. It's time to turn the other cheek...

And turn the tables.


tootie said...

Good! It seems like you like your job, despite your experience with that one lady. Hope things get better!

Island Rider said...

Good for you. Hope the meeting went well.

Eleanore said...

I finally blogged again... and now I can actually comment on your stuff!