Friday, March 26, 2010

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Part Two

Fun was had by Girl and I.

Fun in the form of breakfast at a local restaurant. Fun in the form of shopping for the perfect formal. When I say perfect I mean less than $200.00 and is perfect for Girl. Those are hard to find, in case you didn't know.

However we had a visit from the dress fairy. Okay, she's really not a fairy, but she did have the inside scoop on the most beautiful dress for girl. We stopped by Nan's Glad Rags - funny name, I know, but the treasures this little resale boutique held were amazing.

And hanging on the wall, for all to see, was my Girl's dress.

It was perfect.

The perfect color.

The perfect length.

The prefect fit.

I teared up the minute she stepped out of the dressing room.

"It's perfect!" I gushed.

And so it was.

The price for this amazing bit of tulle and sequins? I mere $49.99.


The rest of the afternoon was spent in giddy girlie gladness. We were pathetic. Truly, pathetic. Every time we looked at each other we giggled. We smiled. Frankly, it was a little sickening and I don't know how Beloved managed to keep his dinner down.

Now all we have to do is buy the shoes, make the graduation announcements, pull together the entire ceremony, plan her party, take her senior photos and survive the day itself.

All of which is really small potatoes now that we've found the gown.

Pictures to follow.

I promise!


Island Rider said...

You go girls! Thrift shopping at its finest. Now, she can splurge on shoes!

T. Paine said...

Glad you two had a great day together! :)

Patti said...

i love moments like that! and i see you have been rooting around the new blogger templates too!

Roo said...

Be sure to check out my latest post...