Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ten Things

I found this, I don't remember where, writers prompt about "ten things I never knew until I became a mom". Since my "official" mommy days are drawing to a close, this some how seems fitting.

1. I had no idea that I could love so much. Truly. I would, without hesitation, die/kill for them. Yeah, I know that last one isn't a very "Christian" attitude, but you do NOT want to hurt one of my babies. I will take you down.

2. I did not know that when Boy got his first grades from college that I would feel as if I had accomplished something. I suppose this is vindication for all those years of homeschooling. I didn't mess him up! Hurray!

3. That I was so opinionated when it came to raising children. Esssh....

4. I didn't realize that there would be days that I felt like I was bashing my head into a brick wall.

5. I had no idea that the words of my psycho mother would indeed escape my mouth regardless of how hard I tried to not sound just like her. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate that part of me.

6. I did not know that by becoming a parent that I would be humbled by little beings who were far wiser than their years. The two of them have shown a maturity and an understanding of the world around them that has often left me astonished and a little embarrassed at my own ignorance.

7. Becoming a parent change the way I looked at my husband. Oh sure, I thought he was the bee knee's and all that, I just didn't realize that he would become a most excellent father. He was the type of father who took his boy to men's breakfasts and prayer meetings so that his boy would know how to be a man of God. He was the man who built and then sat at a tiny tea table to have tea parties with his little girl. Not that he was perfect, not that he didn't have to grow into his role, but I have to say that I was surprised and delighted to find myself married to such a man.

8. I didn't know that I would never get my pre-baby body back. Sigh...

9. I did not realize that I would forever put someone else's needs/wants/desires before me own...and really not mind. This would explain the state of my underwear and socks.

10. Mostly, I didn't know that by becoming a parent that there would be two people who would influence my life/my thoughts/my values in so short a time.

How has becoming a parent changed you? If you are not a parent, how do you think your life will change if you do become one?


T. Paine said...

I suspect that being a Mom will not end for you just because boy and girl have left the nest.

My sweet wife is and always will be "Mom" to our three girls until the day that she leaves this earth. It doesn't matter if the kids are out on their own and no longer underfoot. How could you not be always be Mommy? :)

The Sweet Family said...

Great post Annie. I am no longer tolerant nor patient. I fly off the handle more than I used to; depending on the topic at hand of course. There are times when I am on my cell phone agitated and vision myself throwing my phone out the window or against the windshield and realize that it wouldn't help the madness.

Anonymous said...

Crystal looks so beautiful in this picture and John....well....what can I say....He is amazing!!!