Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fast Times at the Farm

You know, like Fast Time at Ridgemont High, only... Not.

Sure there are teenagers here, but nobody's high. It's too cold for a bikini and Girl wouldn't wear one anyway.

Nope, I guess fast time on the farm are a little bit different than some 80's teen movie. For one thing, Sean Penn hasn't shown up lately to help rebuild a feeder. Jennifer Jason Leigh did not help clean up the kitchen after the Thanksgiving feast. She's just lazy that way.

Our fast times have more to do with NORMAL life.

There's work of course. Beloved worked on Thanksgiving day and who could blame him. At $48.00 per hour - PER HOUR - it was hard to refuse those extra hours.

For my part, I did not work. Or at least I didn't work outside my little brown home. I worked on the turkey, the taters, spoon bread.

What do you mean, "What's spoon bread?"

Why it's a lovely, delicious corn souffle of course.

I've made it every year for the past nine years. My FIL loves it. I'll post the recipe later.

There was family that kept us busy. Family like this guy:

And this one:

She was here too:

As were all the usual characters.

I've had business meetings, dentist appointments, anniversaries, banquets, and the friend requests from certain young MEN who suddenly want to friend my Girl on Facebook.

Men - not boys

Men - as in over twenty years old (by a hair, that is)

Men - with facial hair

Men - who are very nice young men and who completely understand that in order to be her friend they have to be mine.

Mama bear alert!

Dingo, our bi-polar kitty, kept us busy watching him get high on catnip. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. The frenzied, face rubbing, drooling, loving of that little catnip pouch. Followed by the blank look in his big yellow eyes as he zones out. Crazy.

Yet, one thing stands out among all this, and not that this hasn't all been fun, but my Girl wrote a book.

50,000 words




She joined the ranks of thousands who signed up for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Beginning November first, these crazy lunatics, write, write, write. They write an entire novel in thirty days.

And it isn't easy.

But my girl accomplished this task one day early and I'm so proud.

I did not.

I'm too busy for that.

Maybe...Next year...


Island Rider said...

PS Congrats to girl! What's it about?

Island Rider said...

Thank you for the book. I mailed something back to you today. Keep an eye on your mail!

tootie said...

A whole book? In one month?? Your girl is my hero!

Kristen said...

Holy Crap! Way to go, Girl! No wonder she has men interested.