Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Underdog

I have a thing for the underdog.

The defeated.

The victim.

That sad, sorry lot who have been abused or neglected gets me every time. I love to see them win. I adore the idea of them finding that strength they didn't know they had and changing their life.

When they stand tall, shake it off, and start again.

I just love it.

Which is why I bristle at the abuser. Those loud mouth, over-bearing, rude, pain in the neck types. They make me crazy.

We have one such lady (okay, maybe we have a few of these) at the gym. She's a wise-crackin', center of the universe kinda girl. I knew she was going to be a problem the first time she opened her mouth and made me feel small.

I just hate that.

You may remember her. I've written about her before. She's the one who was so shocked that I didn't believe in Karma.



Did I go to school with her???

Yesterday, this woman was in rare form.



She went out of her way to involve everyone in the building in her temper-tantrum. I wasn't on the clock, but I made the effort to calm her down, tell her I would address her issues with management, tried to explain why another gym member acts the way she does.

Loud Mouth was having none of it. She just complained louder and more violently.


For my part, I didn't lose my temper, but I was steamed. Really steamed. The poor girl who was on shift was freaked out. My daughter, who was working out, was furious. Several of other ladies were uncomfortable and one even thought that SHE was the problem!

I suppose I should explain that in circuit training there are times when the person in front of you, may move slower than you and other times there will be someone right next to you, waiting for you to move. It happens. It's not the end of the flippin' world.

There are ladies who cannot use certain machines for health reasons. Some of our ladies have MS. Some are going through chemo. Still others are elderly or very obese. And yes, there are some who simply come to socialize. We even have a member who is totally blind.

Be that as it may, the gym is a place for everyone and when I say everyone, I mean ladies of all ages and body types. It is a place to grow stronger and more confident. It's a place that, for me at least, has always been judgement free. Or at least it was until yesterday.

I know I did and said the right things, but I'm left with this nagging urge to beat the snot out that loud mouth, earth worshipping, zen mama.

Which brings me back to Karma.

I really don't know much about it. I believe it has something to do with your actions in this life reflecting on your next life. So, if you are a mean, nasty, foul mouthed, pain in the neck in this life...won't you come back as a slug or something?

I mean, if the universe has that kind of power, shouldn't you mind your P's and Q's? Wouldn't it behoove you to steer clear of adversity, to help the down-trodden, and spread love, joy, and peace around your neighborhood?

I'm just sayin'.


Kristen said...

YOU ARE MY HERO. From what I've heard, you were the shining star in those moments of frightening childishness. The gym will continue to be a judgment-free haven--if that means Loud Mouth cannot return, then so be it. I am deeply grateful that "The Universe" led you to coincidentally be in the vicinity when you were desperately needed. I am pleased that what we have created in our club makes this woman's behavior stick out like a very sore thumb. And I am so proud of you. Thank you for doing what needed to be done, keeping your cool when it would have been more satisfying not to, and for standing in my place when I was not around. Like you do so often. Thank you.

Mike T said...

You did good! I'd like to think that if I were in that same position that I would be able to deal with it at least half as well as you did. I suspect that I would have gotten mouthy and rude though, in reality. Kudos to you!