Sunday, November 08, 2009

Catch Up

My Lia Sophia party went well! The person who I thought was here to "check me out" did so...under the watchful eye of my sis-in-law. Nice to know she had my back!

Spent all day yesterday operating the kitchen for a 50th wedding anniversary. It was time well spent, but man are my dogs killin' me now! I can only say, again, how thankful I am that I workout. I made so many trips up and down stairs, carrying huge coffee pots and trays of food that the old Annie would have had a heart attack and died right there. Of course, I also had a terrific team, who helped to make everything run very smoothly.

Last Sunday, my sis-in-law brought the Game Master and Master Smiley for a visit. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I almost cried when Game Master made a bee line for me and hugged me tight. I've missed these two so much that my heart hurts! A bonus to the visit was that our other nephew, Crazy Legs, came along too! He's a hoot and always keeps us laughing.

Me and the Game Master

Boy and Mister Smiley

Crazy Legs - he is so funny!


Everyone loves Legos

I would ask that you remember to pray for Game Master and Mister Smiley's mom, Soldier Mommy. I saw a photo of her on top of her army vehicle, machine gun in hand. Made.Me.Shiver.


tootie said...

Sounds like a fun time with family! And yes, I will definitely keep her in my prayers, and all those who are serving overseas.

Roo said...

Thanks for the update on the boys. I've been wondering about them. So cute! All of the kids!

A.Marie said...

What wonderful pictures! And I definitely will be remembering Soldier Mommy in my prayers!

chatkat9731 said...

Crazy Legs looks like Boy. . . I don't know who he is . . .

Game Master is soooo tall and looks just like his mama!

Boy looks cute with his hair!!!! (I am too old, right? - ROFL)

Mr. Smiley soo adorable and cute - want to pinch his cheeks.

Praying for Soldier Mommy . . .

Love to all and to all a Good Night!