Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy in November

I hate it when a month just zooms by. A month where you simply hop from one event to another.

November is THAT month for me.

We have plans for every single weekend of the month. That does not include all the little things, like work & school, that usually keep us occupied. Uggh. I hate busy, busy, busy.

Yet, sometimes the busy can be good.

For instance we attended our son's church service last week. Just between us, I've been waiting a L O N G time for an invitation to his little church home. It isn't that I don't trust his judgement, cause I totally do, but I'm so curious. He says things like, "They are so friendly" and "It's a great community of believers".

Wonderful! So invite your mother to VISIT!

Essh! What's a mom gotta do!

Yes, I know I could have just attended or forced the issue, but as I've said before, I'm trying (really hard) to let him be a man.

And he was right. It is a great church. This tiny little church feeds anyone who shows up on Monday night. They have worked hard to be a part of the community, not a closed off, unwelcoming bunch. Pretty much, they just love you where you are.

That's beautiful.

Among all the crazy busy of November, we've made time for the impromptu dessert for a missionary from Moldova. Yes, Moldova. Right there between Romania and Ukraine.

She's a tiny little woman with a great accent. She speaks four languages (she learned English for this trip). In a country which is still trapped in Communism, corruption and Orthodoxy, she's found a better way: Jesus. Her story is amazing and it was my pleasure to have her in my home.

This week will be filled with work, school, a birthday, THE banquet, and a meeting with work.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

Yet, when I look back over the month and see all these wonderful events (our 22nd wedding anniversary for instance) I am thankful and blessed.

Busy can be good!

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Sandcastle Momma said...

Sounds like you've got a lot of fun on your plate this month. November and December always fly by for me but then January and February crawl by. Too bad I can't spread some of the busy around LOL