Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Support Your Local Blogger

Did you ever see those movies? The ones with James Garner; Support Your Local Gunfighter & Support Your Local Sheriff? They crack me up.

But today's post is NOT about that.

It's actually about all of YOUR feed back (feed back...no pun intended...snicker) regarding what I should serve at my Lia Sophia Party.

Finger foods won by a landslide.

As a thank you, I wrote down each of your names and had Girl draw one at random.

The lucky winner will be sent a copy of Paula Deen's Christmas with Paula Deen. You know, cause we all need more butter in our lives!

And the winner is...


So, Roo, please drop my an email and I'll ship this pretty book which is filled with stories and recipes for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book myself and was not paid by Paula Deen or Simon Schuster.

Massive eye roll...

Thank you to everyone else for your ideas and input.


The Sweet Family said...

Lia Sophia. . . I have tons of it and love it!

Roo said...

WOW!!! Thanks again Annie! I love Paula Deen and I love your blog.