Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Things

*Boy is home again to continue his recovery.

*I wore a top last night that I haven't been able to fit into. Yay me.

*I've caught up on all my review materials.

*I bit my tongue off instead of telling someone that her husband is a butt head.

*The yard is winter ready.

*My grading and planning are up to date.

*Met nice people at church last night.

*Got a raise!

*Haven't had to deal with any family drama all month.

*Finally figured out why we still live on the farm - see below.

This my friends is a Kyocera tape deck which was manufactured in the 1980's. My beloved is addicted to ancient stereo equipment. When this little beauty became available...well, let's just say there was a near stampede to get to it before it sold.


And here he is checking out his new girlfriend toy. I know he'll never leave me for another woman...unless she has better stereo equipment...

The man is going to nickle and dime me to death.

What good things are happening in your life?


Amber said...

This made me smile, but also made me so homesick. Good things?

*How about that I just made it back from a trip across the country without getting my butt shot off? Definitely a good thing!

*How about the fact that Game Master just got his progress report and is getting all A's except for one B in German? I am so proud of him!

*How about that I have a wonderful husband who, in my absence, takes care of my boys like his own? I am so blessed!

*How about that my Mom has moved closer to my children? She really is an awesome Nana!

*How about the fact that I have so many people in my family that love me that I look forward to coming home to? Yes, we all have our quirks, but we are a funny, giving, caring, dysfunctional, crazy bunch, but we all love each other.

*How about the fact that we are from a great country where we have the ability to bathe and eat whenever we want to? You haven't been sad until you've seen a 4 year old boy sprint from his tent to the side of the road, covered in dirt, put his hand to his mouth begging the troops for food. I could go on, but I am so grateful to be a fortunate US citizen born and raised!

*How about the fact that I have made life-long friendships because of the Army? From Janile at home to my roommate who always has a smile on her face to my battle buddy who teaches me everything I ever wanted and needed to know about being the Infantry part of an Infantry Princess. I cannot imagine my life without them in it!

*How about the fact that I try (and fail most days) to serve an awesome God. God has provided me with so much to be thankful for! Thank you for reminding me...

I love and miss you so much!

Barrie said...

You know what I loved about this post? It made me stop and think about things that are going right in my life rather than dwelling on things I'd like to change. And there are lots of good things. Thanks, Annie.