Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That Thing Called Karma

There's this woman. She's a bit on the intimidating kind. You know, she's tall, has piercing eyes, and is a little on the weird side. She's the type that never lets you feel at ease. You just never know where you stand. Of course, that's never stopped me from, well, being me.

We're having this great little conversation about life and the pursuit of happiness. She complimented me telling me I looked really happy. That's cool. She went on to tell me that my aura was really bright...


What do you say to that?

"Thanks, I recently had it polished?"

"Yeah, it's new. I just picked it up at Macy's"

I could have asked how she could see it, but let's face it, I really didn't want to go down that road. It's not a journey I'm willing to take and I'm not even slightly interested in all that.

I grew up in a haunted house. My mother held seances, had our star charts read, and regularly pulled out her Tarot cards. My future, she assured me, would always involve the stage, although NOT as a career.

I suppose that could explain why I'm so dramatic. Not.

Anyway, back to the weird lady and my aura.

Instead of a sarcastic and snide reply, I just chuckled and told her that I'd had a good day.

"It's all that good Karma you've stored up!" she breathed.


I once knew a Carma...but I don't think it's the same one.


I can let a lot of things pass me by without comment. I've learned that I do not need to attend every argument I'm invited to. But sometimes, well, sometimes it just needs to be said.

"I don't believe in Karma."

And the world came crashing to a halt.

The Earth opened up and swallowed me right then and there.

Everything went black and I awoke in the body of a yak in Siberia.

Okay, I don't know if there are yak's in Siberia, but I do know that Karma is a bunch of cr...well, it doesn't exist.

Weird lady looked at me, blinking. Her thick, bottle lensed glasses intensified her gaze and I could feel the air grow heavy with...Oh, I don't know, anger? Distress? Humidity?

"You don't believe in karma?" she said, "You don't believe that when you put good energy out into the universe it comes back to you? You really don't believe in karma!" She shook her head and I assumed it was because my comment had befuddled her.

"Not even a little bit," I laughed.

Poor, poor weird lady. She just kept looking at me as if I had grown a horn out of the center of my forehead. I don't think she'll ever look at me the same. I may have broken some astrological law or dented her aura or something. Maybe she had to go home and whip up a batch of incense.

Hopefully she doesn't own a voodoo doll of me...


A.Marie said...

Oh my gosh...I almost choked on my coffee, laughing, when I got to the part about the yak; that was sooo funny!!

I don't believe in karma, either, by the way. (waiting for computer to crash upon boldly typing that statement!) LOL

Roo said...

Hmmmm... voodoo doll... have you noticed any peronal items missing? A snip off of your clothes? An unexplained missing clump of hair? LOL! People are just weird sometimes!!!