Monday, July 13, 2009

Driving, Doodle, and Dancing

I'm house sitting for the Singer. She's gone for...three weeks. Three. Weeks. The dogs, Chess, Winnie, and Doodle needed company and someone to feed them. Those duties fell to me.

I'll post a picture of the Doodle later. She's a teacup poodle and fierce! Why she even scared Dingo the Cat who isn't afraid of anyone. Gasp!

So, I'm splitting time between houses which means I have two houses to keep tidy, double the animals to care for, and extra driving to do.

Saturday was the Narnia Ball. We found Girls dress at Goodwill, brand new with price tag still attached: $188.00. We picked it up for a mere $14.95. What a find!

Per tradition, our friends gathered here for a meal and the primping that takes place before such an event. Everything was going as planned...till the power went out. Seriously.

Thankfully, the meal was already prepared and we simply moved outside and enjoyed the mild weather where we feasted on shredded pork and white bean burritos. I made the MOST amazing chunky avocado salsa - recipe to follow.

I'm off to do more driving and leave you with pictures from the weekend.

Waiting for the Narnia Ball to begin

Friends! Dress for the evening ranged from ball gowns, WWII costumes, classic school girl attire, to knights, the white witch, and an imp or two.

Girl and her Daddy

Beloved and I saw this one and our mouths dropped open. Where did SHE come from? She's our pretty, pretty girl!


The Sweet Family said...

They just grow up so fast!


Sandcastle Momma said...

She's beautiful! All of the girls look so pretty. I hope they had fun.