Friday, June 26, 2009

The Sting of Death

Micheal Jackson

An adorable, gifted child, a handsome, talented young man, insecure man, bizarre individual, sad, sad, sad.

I watched the movie, The Wiz (I loved the Wiz!) almost as many times as I watched Gone with the Wind. I owned the album, Thriller. Who didn't? It was the eighties baby and we danced.

Yet, he was a strange man, surrounded by accusation of inappropriateness in both 1993 and 2003. The first case was dropped because the victim refused to testify, the second was settled out of court to the tune of millions.

I wasn't there and neither were you. I have no idea whether or not MJ was a sick little man, or simply a man who adored children. I have no idea and frankly, it really doesn't matter today, does it?

He's dead.

I am shocked at the reaction to his death, just as I was shocked at the reaction when John Lennon was murdered. Sure, I think it's sad that he died, but I didn't KNOW him. I won't MISS him. He wasn't all that to me. I do not feel death's sting with the passing of Micheal Jackson.

Go ahead, pick up your stones and hurtle them my way. The passing of MJ will not leave a hole in my heart. My eyes will not fill with tears at the remembrance of him, as they do when I recall memories of my most wonderful MIL. I won't lay flowers at his graveside or honestly give him a second thought after the media frothing stops.

I feel sorry for MJ because I think he was robbed of his childhood. I think fame and money ruined him. My mommy's heart wonders if he was lonely, because to me, he appeared lonely. The kind of lonely that has sunk so low into a man's soul that it's raw and bleeding.

As a Christian, I wonder about the condition of his soul. Hey, it's my blog and I can say that if I want to. I can ponder where he may now find himself and that my friends, is truly worth grieving. It's sad. It really, truly is.

Because I am a heartless wench, I may have offended a few people. I know you are SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED in me. I know you may have many colorful words to share with me.

All I can say is, "Whoa! Dude, I meant no disrespect..."

I don't build alters to people. I've built one for my God and He's kinda jealous about sharing His children. Funny that.

And yet, as I sit here and write this, I know someone who is grieving far more than the millions upon millions world wide.

His name is Jesus Christ.

This will conclude today's sermon.



Roo said...

I like your attitude. I for one am having a hard time feeling any sadness. As I said on FaceBook this AM... "I don't mean to sound too cold hearted, but I really can't drum up too much sadness over Michael Jackson's death. He had become such a freak. The Michael Jackson we all thought so much of in the 70's & 80's died a long time ago. I'm sorry for the loss that his family has suffered and ask our Heavenly Father to comfort them." My comment about him becoming a freak will be considered judgemental, but recently I just found him very freaky.

You're right... pray for his soul and his eternal existence. Also pray for his children that they can move forward and find happiness in their lives. I honestly feel that MJ was not a happy man.

Amber said...

Dahling, I was not offended at what you had to say. What angered me was the feeling I got that I was WRONG to feel a bit bummed (and believe me that's the extent of it, as I am not obsessed) about it when JESUS CHRIST DIED! Didn't I care about that? What was wrong with me? I should devote my time to HIM and who cares if it was a happy childhood memory for me? It all felt a bit ridiculous to feel like I was being admonished for having a thought or idea that wasn't about God. By that logic, we should never mourn for ANYONE but Jesus.

Nobody needs to beat me over the head with their bible. I grew up knowing the price He paid for my sins. I may not always heed what He says, but I'm not ignoring Him. I frankly felt belittled by your friend, but I have to remember that she probably didn't mean to come off the way I took it. I loves you forever and for always and am lucky to have you in my life, my family and my heart!

Island Rider said...

I feel the same way, but couldn't put it into words. I am glad you did. I like your blog and will be back. Thanks for commenting on mine.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm glad you said what I've been thinking! Any sudden death is a sad thing and I feel bad for the loss his children will suffer but for Pete's sake - the people crying in the streets just seems bizzare to me.

Patti said...

i heard there are suicides because people are so distraught. WHAT?!