Friday, May 22, 2009

Fat Girl

If you’ve been around here for very long you know that I have lost weight. You know I walk and run. You know that I workout. You know I work at the gym. You know I am trying, not always as hard as I should (see previous post) but I’ve made some changes and I feel pretty good about it. I am wearing a size I haven’t worn since my baby was a baby.

Alas, I am NOT bone thin…

Today, while I was at the gym (after my workout) I told the manager that I’d keep on eye on things if she wanted to take a break. We do this for each other from time to time. I puttered around when I heard the door open and a Hispanic lady walked in. She started asking me questions so I walked over to her. She said,

“You didn’t have to come over here!”

Oookkkaayy…. As I begin to explain about the workout she looks me up and down and says,

“How long have YOU been doing this?”

I tell her I’ve been employed at the gym since last August and she says (ready for it?),

“Oh, so it DOESN’T WORK!”

No joke. Then she proceeds to take my shirt and move it so she CAN SEE HOW FAT I AM!

I am not stupid. I am fully aware that I could afford to lose another thirty pounds. I know what I look like, okay? I get it!

What I wonder though, is who the hell did she think she was? Freakin’ TOUCHING me AND telling me I’m fat! I usually pay my doctor for this kind of insult and I haven't even written those woman I co-payment yet!

I laughed a little nervous laugh and told her I’ve lost thirty pounds (granted, most of that was before I started working at the gym) and she replies,

“Oh, so it’s slow…”

At this point I’ve been felt up by a total stranger AND told I’m a heifer. I pointed my finger at her and said,

“Wow! That was rude!”

She then back peddled and said she didn’t mean it like that.

Really? Well what the heck did you mean?

I laughed (I’m at the gym after all – representing it – poorly apparently) and tell her that we’re good and go on to explain about the current promotion. She thanks me for my time and leaves.

I looked at the manager, who had just come back from break, and tell her that if SHE joins I am NOT working with her. The manager laughed and told me some people are just like that. I snorted and gathered my stuff to leave. I looked at her across the desk and said,

“Well, I guess I’ll take my fat ass home!”

So, here’s the skinny (snort), there are some things you should never do or say to a fat girl.

1. Never tell her she’s fat. Trust me, she knows.

2. Never TOUCH her without permission – that’s a good way to lose a hand.

3. Never back-peddle and say you didn’t mean what you said. We may be fat, but we aren’t stupid.

4. Lastly, before you start casting stone, take a good long look in the mirror. Because unless you are super model, chances are you’ve got some flaws. In her case I think it was her MOUTH.

All of this makes me mad and makes me think I should change jobs. I guess thirty pounds isn't enough. Keeping those thirty pounds off for nearly a year doesn't count either. I suppose the fact that I am totally stronger than I've ever been in my life doesn't account for much. Hell, let's throw in the fact that I'm nearly forty-two and have gray hair.

It's funny how the thoughtless words of a total RUDE stranger can ruin your whole day.

I shoulda punched her. Maybe I'd feel better.



TexasRed said...

Glad you didn't resort to punching (but sounds like it was totally deserved). Jeez!

Reminds me of the preggers t-shirts that say "try to touch my belly and you'll pull back a bloody stump." (or maybe that's just the shirt I'll make if I'm ever preggers...)

MyMaracas said...

Good way to lose a hand... I'm dyin' laughing here! I know the pain behind the post, though, having gained/lost/regained 30-40 pounds so many times I've lost count. And being in customer service, I take more than my share of daily abuse. I LOVE that you called her on it, and that she backed off. Sometimes bullies just need a smack on the nose like that.

Good for you, working in a gym and keeping yourself strong and healthy. My hat's off to ya.

workout mommy said...

wow, that woman really deserved to be punched!

Do not give up! 30 lbs is a great accomplishment and nothing to be taken lightly. (no pun intended)

I hope she doesn't join because I'd have a hard time not telling her to SUCK IT after that conversation! :)

Anonymous said...

One more thing to NEVER say to a fat person: Especially when she is with her best friend at a conference and they are both fat: Did you two plan your pregnancies together - remember that one?


Annie said...

Oh Gee thanks Kat for posting this on my a place I cannot erase it from...oh joy.

TJ Brown said...

She said that to you??? And lived to tell the tale? You are mellowing in your agedness, aren't you!

Wish I would have been there. I would have punched her for you.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I would loved to have seen her face when you said that! Good for you!!!
It's shocking that someone could be so rude.
As a fat girl I love your 4 things never to say to a fat person LOL

Kristen said...

Holy. Crap. This story cannot be real! Are there actually people like that in our world?!? I'm not joking, this post makes me want to CRY, not laugh. I am so sorry you had to deal with such a big B-word Annie. She doesn't deserve to come to our wonderful gym!!

PS: best word verification ever below--pooment. It's what I'll call the moment of poo you just described. There's the comic relief for ya. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah....I'll kick her ass. I have no qualms!!!!

Your bestest friend who will always have your back!!!! wen

Roo said...

I really dislike snarky people like that. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had hauled off and decked her. And if she does come back, you have every right to refuse to work with her.