Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to the Grind

It's Monday. Again.

Funny how a Monday after consecutive holidays seems somewhat harder, colder, sleepier. *yawn*

I have to leave for work in exactly 19 minutes. I have yet to brush my teeth or put my shoes on. I need to leave a to do list for Girl and figure out what's for dinner tonight. Yet, here I sit holding a one sided conversation with you.

I like you.

Over the weekend, someone asked me what my resolutions for 2009 are. When I brashly said I hadn't nary a one, he snickered. Really, he did. He snickered in a, "Oh, you are such a failure," sorta way.

Or, maybe he didn't and I just perceived it that way. It's hard to say. I may have been distracted by the yummy lasagna, red wine, and homemade cheesecake. It was all so fun and so delicious that maybe his snickering wasn't really a snicker. Maybe I was impressing my own "failure" onto him. Could be. Who knows.

But, it does lead me to ask the question, "Do you make resolutions? If so, do you keep them? If you don't, then why do you make them?"

Uggghh. I'm being all introspective. Don't you feel sorry for the girls at the gym today?


Oh, and one more bit o' happy news: I got on the scale after a solid month of eating, eating, eating and haven't gained a pound!

Now if I could just lose the rest of this...


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

I like you too. And, guess what? I have to leave for work in 15 minutes. LOL!

No, I don't make resolutions. I make goals. Somehow, resolutions come with the idea that you're going to break them. It's become a big joke. I'd rather set goals and work towards them.

Susan :)

Patti said...

i never make them...but will laugh at others who do (cause you just know what is gonna happen)...

tootie said...

I did make a couple resolutions this write more, and to read the bible daily. So far, so good - but we're only 5 days into the new year! ;)

By the way, you shouldn't feel obligated to make resolutions. Just tell people that you come up with new goals throughout the year, not just on January 1st ;)

Melissa Marsh said...

Found you via Patti-O...

No resolutions from me except one: to live one day at a time. :-) And BTW, now I'm drooling over thoughts of lasagna and cheesecake!

Janie said...

I have yet to make my 2009 resolutions.

Maybe I should make that a resolution. To make a resolution.

Think that would work?

word verification: aught

Barrie said...

Yes, I do make resolutions. Yes, I do try to keep them. But....last year was my worst year for breaking them. I think I got too busy. Which doesn't bode well for 2009...