Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts After the Election

America has voted. It doesn't matter that many of our fine citizens voted purely on race. Nor does it matter that too many had no idea what the issues were. Neither of these things matters. America voted and we have ushered in a new era in the White House.

I'm proud of you for voting. I hope it stirred your heart, so that when other elections come up you'll take the time to read through the issues and make an informed decision. It's great to be an American, isn't it?

Over 70% of us own homes

We have electricity and water 24/7

Your daughters (and sons) are given an education through the public school system (shoddy though it may be)

Yes, life in America has been grand. Grand I say. And now with our new messiah, oops, I mean President, the years ahead look glorious.

All I can say, and it's my blog so I'll say it, is:

Prove me wrong Mr. Obama

Show me that you are the best man for the job. Show me that you are the one who will turn this country around, although first you'll have to prove to me what's wrong with it. Yes, we've got some economic issues. Yes, we're worried about our retirement, concerned about Iran and Korea, and we're a bit leery of manufactured goods from China.

We want affordable health care, but not like that of Canada and Britain. We want less crime but not more police officers. We'll keep our guns, thank you very much, and the freedom to criticize our Commander and Chief.

I didn't vote for you Mr. Obama and that's okay too. It was a privilege and an honor to vote. And while there may be some who fear how you might guide this great nation, I do not.

You see, I already have a Messiah. He's never let me down and never done me wrong. So, I'll keep my hope pinned to the one who allowed you to be elected. But you should remember, Mr. Obama, you would have NO power if HE hadn't given it to you.

Okay, that was way more political than I like to get. I know I've offended one or two of you, but hey baby, it's my blog and I'll write if I want to. I won't be writing anything else political because I am sick to death of it. Seriously! My friends who voted for Obama are gloating and my friends who didn't are mourning. Come on folks, it's over, let's move on and see what happens from here and just remember, real hope comes from above, not from a man. End of sermon.


Roo said...

Hey! I'm proud of you for having the guts to speak up on YOUR BLOG. This is YOUR PLACE to voice how YOU FEEL. Don't worry about having offended. You have a right to voice your opinion.

I for one agree. Prove the doubters wrong Mr. Obama. Show us that we were wrong for not believing in you from the beginning.

As you say though, its done and overwith. We all have to live with the decision. However look at it this way...only 1,460 days until the next election.

Patti said...

as one who didn't vote obama, i offer that we never offer a qualifier when we talk of him ever again. no more hoping not to offend. just give it to us straight. those of us who are adults can take it...those not, well, so sad. we listened FOR YEARS about bush, and the other side never qualified a thing.

go you...

amy said...

love this post..

Anonymous said...

You go girl!