Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm studying and it's paying off. At least I think it is. We'll see after tomorrow nights test.

Yesterday was park day with Mr. Smiley (you know where his blog is if you wanna see pictures). Then I brought FIL home from the hospital. Sigh.

The only problem with going back to work after all these years is that people still think I'll have time to drop everything and feed their cows, take care of their dog, and drive them to their doctor appointments. Oh the insanity!

Spent day with our boy. Ahhhhh. Pictures to follow. While out with him we discovered a place so peaceful, so tranquil, that I want to move there. Problem is, I'm not Catholic, nor am I male. It may be a problem.

Bought some clothes to add to the work wardrobe. All I can say is that working at a gym where I wear comfortable workout clothes has got heels and hose beat all to heck. I think I'm going to love this job.


The Sweet Family said...

I think you have found the job of "everyone's" dreams!

Good luck and let us all know how your first day goes.

Have a GREAT week!!!

tootie said...

Good luck with your test! Enjoy that gym-shoes-wearing job :)

Barrie said...

I bet you ace the test!