Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prospective Employees Be Warned

The economy, being what it is, has been forcing me to deal with a growing dilemma: to find a job or not. It’s not that we are destitute, but we’re feeling the pinch like everyone else. It’s reminding me of when we first had babies and I quit my job. We were so broke alllll the time. I still wonder how we made it. I really do.

I’ve been looking here and there at various positions and I have to say I’m shocked at the amount of NON-disclosure that lace the want ads these days. Seriously. I found an ad that looked interesting so I fired off my resume and sure enough received a call the very next day.

When I started asking probing questions, I found that this prospective employer had left out a few major details in their ad. Details like: Must be will to travel, must be willing to work 40 hour weeks which doesn’t include drive time, must be willing to drive own car to job locations (which ranges from 15 minutes from home to over 3 hours) and my favorite: must be willing to forgo lunches on a regular basis.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could afford to skip a few lunches. The problem is, according to the LAW employees must take a lunch break if they have worked six hours or more. How does this company get away with it? Simply put, because the employee is working on site at different schools throughout various districts, the employer allows the school to set the schedule. If the school doesn’t schedule a lunch break specifically for the employee, no lunch will be given. There was even some doubt as to whether or not the mandatory 15-minute break would given.

Just for the record, I passed on the job offer. I do have my volunteer work that may turn into a paying position but you know how these things work! And I applied to intern with a writer’s website. I’m about as qualified as my cat is, but I have a better sense of humor, so who knows!

In other news:

I’m still waiting on the BIG news. When I know, you’ll know.

The company’s comin’! The company’s comin’!

The bathroom is only missing the new light fixture for the ceiling and a mirror over the vanity. Then, we are finished. The guests will be arriving on Monday leaving this weekend to wrap it up.

I painted one wall of my kitchen/dining room area and love it. I’ll be painting another wall and the cupboards next. Sadly, they won’t be done before company comes.

I jogged 1.5 miles yesterday and walked an additional 1.5 miles. Hoorah me! And I lost another pound. One more pound to go to first goal. (Man this has taken forever!)

This weekend Master W will grace us with all his cuteness while Soldier Girl goes to drill.

Spoke to those two tiny tyrants on the phone yesterday. Sigh. Missing. Them. Lots.

Off to do something productive like clean the house!


The Sweet Family said...

WHEW . . with that schedule, you dont have time to work.

Congrats on losing another lb! Keep up the good work.

(Sorry to gross you out about the tick...hehehe)

tootie said...

Best of luck with your job search! I'm doing a job search of my own. I have a few possibilities, but nothing firm yet.

Congrats on the exercise!!! Doesn't it make you feel great? Keep it up!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

How about an ad for a receptionist, which required a college degree, and (this is the kicker) paid $8.00 an hour?

A company once interviewed me and described the job as salaried, unlimited hours, and total devotion to the job. Get a life, people. I passed on the "opportunity."

Yup, it's definitely an employer's market out there. But, you know something? I know the Lord has the right position with my name on it. In the past, I've seen Him move my resume to the top of the heap.

And, He's got the right position for you, Annie. I'll be praying.

Susan :)