Monday, July 14, 2008

The Monday Skinny

The Dude and brood will be here in a few hours. Miss C abandoned me to work at camp, attend play practice, hang with her buddy, and go to Bible study. I dropped her off at 7:30 this morning and won’t see her until after 9:00 tonight. Who told her she could have a life?

Master W. spread his cuteness all around, impressing and amazing a vast collection of admirers. He’s a doll, cute as a button and stubborn as a mule. Soldier Girl did what soldiers girls do. That and she was first to respond to a nasty car accident on her way home. We also learned that she may be deployed to parts hot and sandy earlier than we had anticipated. Hmm...

I also learned that I am old and falling apart. It was bound to happen, I know, I know (sadly shaking head) but I wasn’t ready. I’m NOT ready!

It’s my hip. It hates me. It hates jogging. It hates runners stretches. It’s not very fond of Pilates. Anyone have a walker they can loan me? I only want it if it has one of these:

I’ve been putting off going to the doctor. I had a goal I wanted to meet first, but now, sigh, I have to go. Will you visit me when I have hip replacement surgery?


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Ha! Last time I tripped on an invisible hair, I broke my elbow and fractured my cheekbone. I need a world covered with bubble wrap.

Your friend, complete with metal
plate and screws, needing a
card to fly on a plane,
Susan :)

The Sweet Family said...

Yikes - the hip!

I guess we aren't getting any younger. Get that looked at soon. You don't want further complications.

Take care ;o)

Patti said...

damn hurty hip. i wish you luck with it, but don't stop running!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Hey, I've seen some of the pimped out walkers and think you might look smokin' walking behind one. Maybe you could trip it out with some leopard handle bars and some fuzzy dice? Just a thought. =)

Kiva said...

I may not come to visit, but I will send flowers :0)

Yes, we're getting older, but we are a lot smarter...