Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Book Review: Skizzer

by A.J. Kiesling

Family is a funny thing, isn’t it? One moment they are driving you batty. The next you’re rolling with laughter over some long forgotten “goof” that happened long ago. Even in a large family you’ll find two that have a very special connection, one that only deepens over time. In my opinion that’s what makes Skizzer an especially good book.

"There are some things only a sister should know,"said Becca

It’s a tale of two sisters and a mysterious antique necklace. Laced with cryptic clues and family secrets, Claire must unravel the mystery of her sisters’ disappearance and lay open the surreptitious past that has been hidden for far too many years. From North Caroline to England’s distant shores, Claire travels in search of the truth that will set her family free.

Skizzer is part mystery and part deep, personal reflection. I liked how well developed the character of Claire was, how she dug within herself to find answers, and the way she dealt with startling news. The author wove this mystery in an engaging way, making it difficult to stop reading, even at midnight!

About the Book

After receiving news of her sister Becca's abrupt disappearance, Claire Trowling must piece together the shadowy remnants of a past she's long forgotten in order to find her. A cryptic note scrawled in Becca's handwriting leaves more questions than it answers. When a stack of mysterious letters bound by a rare necklace is found, Claire races to discover the secrets that hold her family captive. Suspenseful and full of intrigue, Skizzer takes you on a transcontinental hunt for answers, weaving seamlessly between the distant past of childhood and the urgency of the present.

About the Author

A.J (Angie) Kiesling has worked in the Christian publishing industry since 1985 as an author and editor. A former religion writer forPublishers Weekly and Religion BookLine e-newsletter, she frequently reported on spirituality trends and religion book publishing. Angie is the author of numerous books, including Where Have All the Good Men Gone? (Harvest House), Jaded: Hope for Believers Who Have Given Up on Church but Not on God (Revell), and Soul Deep: Prayers and Promises for Cultivating Inner Beauty (Barbour). She also ghostwrote Live Like a Jesus Freak (Albury), the popular follow-up to D.C. Talk's bestseller Jesus Freaks. Today she heads up the editorial department at Xulon Press, a print-on-demand publisher based in Orlando.

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