Saturday, June 28, 2008

Achoo! And I Mean that Most Sincerely!

Today was supposed to be all about the bathroom. That tiny, mess of a water closet and when I say closet, trust me, I mean closet. The primer is up, but I can’t really paint until we tear out the old vanity, sink, and faucet. Meanwhile, all the new bathroom goodies sit in my living room just waiting to be installed.

I’m also supposed to be preparing for a sweet 16 tomorrow. No, not my sweetie, but a friend’s sweetie turned 16 last Sunday and we decided to surprise the birthday girl with a wee family party. We are baking not one, but two cakes. I’m funny about cake. If it’s for a special occasion, it must be made from scratch. After trial and error I have found two cake recipes that make me happy, both from the Barefoot Contessa. One vanilla-lemon and one earth-shaking chocolate, Yeah, buddy. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. They will both be frosted with a whipped cream frosting, one chocolate, the other plain with Strawberries. I’m not even thinking about the calories.

Not thinking…

Which is easy to do since I am suddenly and horribly suffering from allergies. I have been plagued by allergies since I was a teenager with them growing progressively worse with age. My meds now cost, well, a lot more than they use to. I’ve switched to a ridiculously cheap allergy medication that has worked like a charm for the last ten days. Today, rather suddenly, it no workie. My nose is red and raw. I’m sneezing, sneezing, sneezing and I feel awful.

So, what gives? Is there something in bloom that has caused this invasion? Do I have a food allergy? My research showed me that exercise can reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms simply by getting the lymphatic system working and I believe this to be true based on the evidence of my outdoor exercise without any allergies. So, what in the name of all that is holy, is going on? Huh? I want answers dang it!

But I’m still not thinking about that cake, the scent of the chocolate one cooling right now on the counter is not tempting me.

It is not!

And my girl took new pictures of me for...Oops, can’t tell you yet! Just a few more days’ dahling! She took some good shots but I decided to show you the ones we didn’t choose.

Ahh, yes, the pole dancer shot

This one looks like i should be posted on Craigslist: Single and lookin'!

Look ma! She's got fillings!

We decided on this one, but I wonder, is it professional enough? Your thoughts?


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I love the picture you chose. It shows off your pretty smile, and your hair has motion in this shot.

How about sending me a piece of that chocolate cake? My mouth is watering just reading about it.

Susan :)

P.S. Professional enough for what?
A website? A book jacket
maybe? Okay. I know I have to
wait with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I like that one too Ann. You look beautiful.


Barrie said...

It might be professional have to tell us what it's for!!

You look good in all the pictures, btw. :) And, like, 20 years old!

I can't believe you're working on a bathroom too! Me, you, Patti? It's an epidemic!

Annie said...

Susan - If you ever get up my way I promise I will bake you cake!

Wen - You're so sweet!

Barrie - Twenty? Twenty? I think I love you!

TJ Brown said...

fabulous pictures! I want one! And yes, I love that last shot.

tootie said...

First, what is this cake "from scratch" that you mention? I thought all cakes came from a box! ;) Kudos to you for having the talent to make a real cake!

I like the last picture! Very natural and pretty.

chatkat9731 said...

OK - will you bake me a cake when I come? ROFL

I like the pole dancer . . . reminds me of my favorite all time movie "TRUE LIES" hehe

And yes, very professional


Kiva said...

Me want caaaaaake! I can almost smell it. As for the pictures, the one you chose looks professional, but I like the come hither one in the pine tree! Professional, hmmmmm. I wonder what it's for....

Roo said...

The picture you chose is a nice one. It will be interesting to hear what this picture is for...