Friday, May 09, 2008

Spreading Her Wings

Tonight I sat and listened to the likes of J. Rodrigo’s Sonatas de Castilla and F. Liszt’s Consolation S. 172.3. These and eleven others were beautifully rendered on the black Baby Grand that sat in the middle of the room. The pianist in her black gown, hair artfully curled, smile perfectly placed, performed in a manner far, far too mature for her age.

I have known the very lovely and gifted Miss R for many years. Always a bright child, she has truly grown into an amazing, gifted young woman. This was her farewell, if you will, before heading back east to college next year. I was honored, we all were, to be included in this small circle of family and close friends.

I couldn’t help but remember her as a little girl, straight brown hair, glasses, running and playing with the other children. The elegant black gown showed me a woman, but I still see the little girl in her bright eyes. The thought of her leaving her family and beginning a new adventure was troubling to me. She’s so…well; she’s so pretty that I worry for her.

Then I recalled the words my son said to me when we learned that Miss R had been accepted at the college of her choice, “R can handle herself, Mom.”

“I know, but, you know. It’s R!” I stammered.

“She can handle it. She’s strong. She’ll be okay.” He responded

I know he’s right. Miss R is a girl of high standards, deep faith, and incredible intelligence. She comes from a good family and will be attending a conservative school. The lovely Miss R will spread her wings and fly. Perhaps that is what is bothering me.

She’s old enough to fly. When did that happen?


Barrie said...

I gotta believe that for the child it happens little by little. But for us mothers, it's always a shock. :)

Family Adventure said...

We are never prepared, though, are we? Good luck to R., who sounds like quite the young woman.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I felt this way when my first baby brother got married. And am feeling it again as my last baby brother just got engaged. They are TOOOOOO little to be having babies, and buying houses, and being resonsible bread winners. THEY ARE ONLY IN THEIR EARLY TWENTIES!!! And I still worry about them.

It is hard being so old and wise. =)

Kiva said...

I felt like you do about Ms. R whenever one of my kids left the nest, but seeing what they have become after they were "set free" is just amazing. They are now providing the foundation for their kids so that when they leave the next, they too will soar.