Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shards of a Broken Friendship

Beloved phoned yesterday on his way home from work. He was hungry! “I didn’t get to finish my lunch, we were too busy,” he said. I had already put steak out, but decided to cook it myself instead of waiting for Beloved to come home to BBQ. I sliced zucchini for a sauté and threw some rice into my trusty old casserole and placed it in the microwave.

I don’t usually cook with the microwave. It’s used for warming this or that and popping pop corn, but I was in a hurry. Everything was going really smoothly. In fact I even thought to myself as I tossed the zucchini that, “I’m really good at this multitasking thing!” I nearly broke my arm patting myself on the back.


The Carnage

After prying my fingernails out of the ceiling I looked at the microwave. Through the door I could see the platter still turning, but instead of my trusty glass casserole, I saw pieces of glass covered in rice!

The casserole dish had exploded!

I was given this dish many years ago, perhaps fourteen years ago, and it has been my most trusted dish. It’s held everything from Shepherds Pie to Green Bean Bake. I love this dish, it was one of a kind, and I thought it was my friend. Sniffle.

Yet, all good things come to an end. In this case a very loud, shard shaped end. Uggh! I’m just thankful it didn’t burst in the oven! That would have a terrible mess.

So, for Mother’s Day, I’d like a new casserole, but no glass please.

Oh and we had au graten potatos. I'd lost my appetite for rice.


Amber said...

Holy Cow! RIP Beloved Casserole Dish! LOL

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh no! I remember the day my son broke my lovely glass pyrex bowl. It was a sad sad day. I still reach for the bowl, expecting it to be there, and then I feel the sadness all over again.

Now I want steak.

Luanne said...

Weird, today I knocked over one of two crystal lamps that I have in my living room. I loved those lamps. I hated the bazzilion shards of glass all over the living room. My sweet DH cleaned it up.
Sorry about your dish....I get ya. I'm sad.

Anonymous said...

ROFL - well, our beloved casserole dish met a similar fate. My darling daughters were cooking and put our dinner from the oven onto the stovetop and dear old mama had left the burner on. As we were enjoying our meal and laughter permeated the air BOOM to us! We quickly looked around to see if it was Nick or Necie to discover it was the STOVETOP! ROFL! Never a dull moment in the shoe . . .

The Sweet Family said...

This happened to me with a dish I got from my grandmothers. It was a yellow pyrex. I reved up the micro and within 1 minute, I heard the pop. Kinda makes you sad!

Congrats however on the multi-tasking!!!

Kristen M. said...

My husband has exploded two pyrex dishes over the course of our marriage. The last one left burn marks in the kitchen linoleum.

Kiva said...

It must be lose your favorite cooking dish/pot year. Yours was not your fault. Mine was. I was boiling some eggs in my favorite sauce pot a couple of weeks ago and someone called me. Next thing I know, the eggs exploded and there was a horrible smell coming from the kitchen -- sulfur mixed with the chemicals of non-stick pot coating. It took days to get out the smell. LOL. I now boil eggs in a non-stick pot. I understand completely.

Gina Conroy said...

OH MY! I hate cleaning up glass mess. Since my mom's been living with us (4 months) she's broken multiple glasses, my coffee carafe, and I broken a glass bottle of concentrated cranberry juice! What a real mess to clean!