Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Escape Photos

Blue Heron French Cheese Company. Gourmet cheeses, wines, and goodies. The site features wine and cheese tasting, a deli, and lots of fun and interesting items for sale. This was our first stop before heading to the Inn.

And we couldn't pass up a photo of a London double decker bus that was parked in the Blue Heron's parking lot.

And speaking of odd picture opportunities, we found this one just outside our door at the Inn.

We spent some time at the shortest light house in Oregon: Cape Mears

Us on the trail to the lighthouse.

Beloved is a bit adventerous. This usually means I find myself in some interesting places from time to time. Note the tunnel he found. Note the TONS of rock weighing down upon said tunnel. Note that Annie went there and back again, really quickly. Indiana Jones I am not!

There is super easy beach access and the Pelican Pub and Brewery all in the same parking lot in Pacific City. It was a mild day and we enjoyed a short stroll on the beach. Later, we returned and ate dinner at the Pub. The clam chowder was divine and I was perfectly happy to eat it. Beloved ordered the Mahi Mahi, which was good, but pricey.

Side note: The India Pale Ale is a bitter, bitter brew. This being said by a NON-beer drinker. Be warned or you will sit with bitter beer face the entire meal...


Amber said...

Love the pics, and I am so stealing the one of you and your beloved husband (that would be my beloved uncle LOL) to add to my collection! Bwah ha ha! (That's supposed to be an evil, menacing laugh although it loses some of it's punch in the translation to the printed word...)

The Sweet Family said...

You and Beloved look so cute!

I like the tree decorations. They have become a new trend. Who would have thought! Now why can't I think of stuff like that! hehehe

If I ever get out to the west coast, I will have you to thank because I will know all of the interesting places to go! Thanks for sharing and have a marvalous day!!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Looks like you two are having fun. I would be a bit nervous in a tunnel like that too. I have too active an imagination for daring things like that.

Kiva said...

Great picture of you two. Good for you that you conquered your fear and went through the tunnel. Is the Blue Heron Cheese Co. any relation to the Blue Heron Bistro in Coos Bay?