Monday, April 28, 2008

Photo Entry

Here is my entry for the photo contest being held over at 5 Minutes for Mom

Some of you have seen this picture before, it's a pic of one of our foster daughters. The reason that this picture reminds me of motherhood is because when the Destroy first came to us, she didn't belly laugh. She was very somber, withdrawn. Who could blame her? She'd been removed (for the second time) from her mother and moved to first one foster home (where she thrived) and then to our home (second foster home).

It took time, but with lots of momma love, that wee blondie girl started to trust us. Then she smiled and before you knew it, she laughed and what a laugh it was.

This, my friends, is motherhood at its finest. Hearing a baby's belly laugh, is there anything sweeter?


TJBrown said...

I am so excited to see our girls this week!

Family Adventure said...

The dimple, the colours. Just gorgeous.

This picture makes me want to burst out laughing, too :)


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh, so true! Our first son wasn't much of a laugher (still isn't) and it worried me to no end. Was I being a god enough mommy? But when he does laugh it is wonderful.

Peculiar said...

Plain precious. I've seen so many good pictures today. Thanks.