Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Z-Monster Holds Court

We finally were able to celebrate Z's birthday with a "Princess-Tea Party". We played "princess, princess, queen!" aka duck, duck, goose, ate yummy heart shaped cakes, ice-cream, and grapes. Then our little princesses made two different crafts. Each princess was attended by her older sister.

It may have been a bit of over kill for a 4-year-olds birthday, but we know she's only with us for a short time longer. I hope she'll remember this time with us fondly (and not remember the times my head nearly exploded!).

I couldn't get all the photo's uploaded, but here's a few:


Family Adventure said...

Ooooh, with two boys, I've never gotten to host a princess party. These pictures are adorable. Looks like they all had a great time :)


Patti said...

i have a boy, all grown up, nevertheless, we make elephant cakes. loved yours.