Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last week I wrote about my four best friends forever, my BFF’s. I didn’t, however, mention some of my very good friends, my VGF’s (why does that sound like a sexually transmitted disease?). These other wonderful women have been amazing pals and I am equally blessed by their friendship. So, here’s to you Mrs. C, Mrs. M, Mrs. L and Mrs. P. Thanks for feeding us when we were too buried in sorrow to feed ourselves, for mowing our lawn, for holding our hands in hospital rooms, and for not snickering when I was having a sobby moment! Oh, yeah, and babysitting. WE cannot forget to be thankful for babysitting!

With that all said, I should mention that the reality of friendships, the giving and taking, all is rooted in Christ. My BFF, literally!

And lest anyone’s nose get out of joint, there is Beloved. Ahhhh Beloved. You crazy music man! Where would I be without you?! Wait! Don’t tell me, I know…stuck with stacks of antique stereo equipment, vinyl albums, and a car stereo that makes some teenage boys green with envy. Beloved, you my dear, dear man, rock! So, please, turn it down, you’re giving me a headache…


Barrie said...

Hmmm.....sounds to me as though there's a story behind Beloved + antique stereo equipment + car stereo.... :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You always crack me up in your posts!