Friday, February 15, 2008

I Said No, Really

I don’t know how it happened. I said, “No”.

Loudly, distinctly.

I had witnesses.

I said no…


She’s kinda cute.

She has a spastic, hyper-active personality that just begs you to have fun.

She possesses super strength.

She's tan and lean.

Blast my warm, tender, sappy little heart.

It’s that dog. His dog.

I just couldn’t stand it any more. Knowing that she, at the ripe old age of 5-months, spends way too much time in her kennel, I broke. I told Miss C that she can walk her. I let her play in my house…with my cat.

I’ve never seen my cat so…unrefined. Since Dingo (the supreme master of all he beholds) has gotten use to the Destroyer and her sister the Monster, he’s been very serene. However, with the introduction of Mia (do you wanna play? Do you wanna? Huh? Wanna? Do you? Come on! Play?) to the family, I’m afraid to report that Dingo has lost all sense of cool.

Dingo use to look like this:

Now he looks like this:


Patti said...

ha! they pooch warms my heart. we had a yellow lab and we still have a black cat. great memories...

Kiva said...

Yes! Another cat/lab love story. We had it the other way around. I said no to the cat, but he walked in through the dog door and the lab adopted him before we did!

Barrie said...

Oh my gosh! Those eyes!!