Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Night Out

Last evening was a rare treat, the wee girls were avisitin’ with their mammy, our girl was working, and we actually had funds to spend! Away we went to a fun little restaurant called Noodles and Company. It’s a healthy little joint with a wide pasta dishes ranging from Asian to Mediterranean with American thrown in for those less adventurous. For $6.95 you will be treated to your choice of noodle as well as your choice of grilled chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu or you can have the same, only smaller with soup or salad.

I opted for the Pad Thai with chicken and a Caesar side salad. My beloved settled on the Pesto Cavatappi which he meant to order with chicken, but forgot. For a total of $16.00 we had a lovely, healthy dinner in a quiet atmosphere. The only thing missing was beloved’s chicken and maybe a nice glass of wine.

For those of you in the Portland-Metro area you can find Noodles and Company at Lloyd Center, in the Pearl District, Beaverton, or Hillsboro. You may also visit their website at Sign up for their noodlegrams and receive coupons…I love me a coupon!

After enjoying our peaceful meal we sauntered over to the local thrift store. You see, I married Second Hand Rose or Dumpster Diver Dan, as I lovingly refer to him. The man, much like his mother, can find a bargain among the weeds. It’s truly amazing to watch him work. I spent my time browsing the books (what else?).

Beloved discovered something he wanted to buy, but felt that the price was too high. He walked away, but the memory of that item lingered with him throughout the night. We then traveled over to Moonstruck Chocolates for a cup of Joe while we waited for the girls to arrive. If you’ve never been there, I recommend it, only make sure to bring your wallet, cause it ain’t cheap.

The coffee was good, a wee bit o’ chocolate satisfied the soul and Beloved continued his verbal meanderings about the item he had left at the thrift store. I finally said, “Go back and get it.” Yet he persisted in saying it the price was set too high. Even after making the brief repairs that it needed, he would only clear $25.00 in resale.

We met with the girls Mom and Grandpa and were informed that Z-Monster had told KK-the Destroyer that she was going to, and I quote, “Whomp your ass”. My eye brows shot up and I looked at Z and said, “Really?!” Mom proceeded to tell me how shocked she was. I assured her that Z has never heard that from. I said, “If she said Jackass, then I’d confess that’s me. I turn into a raging lunatic when I drive and the road seems to be littered with them!” I laughed, she laughed, both eyeing each other.

On the drive home, Beloved told me he thought Mom was just trying to cover her own butt. “She’s probably said that a time or two.” Maybe, but I felt attacked, as if she were blaming me. As I pondered these thoughts, worrying about their implications, I heard Beloved whisper,

“I should have bought them.”

I think he’s addicted.

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