Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank God it's Friday!

The baby, Mr. W, is sleeping in his swing. Finally. He has started this new thing where he wants to be held, in the nursing position, of course, in order to go to sleep. That's what he and I do every day at 4 pm. If I try to lay him down, he wakes up. So, I sit on the couch with a sweaty baby "pretending" to nurse with his pacifier glued to his mouth.

Don't get me wrong, he is a wonderful baby and those afternoons sitting on the couch are kinda sweet. But honestly, there are other things I could be doing. Like starting dinner or cleaning house or writing.

But none of that happens late in the afternoon. Nope. He lays in my arms, occasionally lifting his head to look at me and smile. I smile back. Hey, he's four months old and cute as a bug. I suppose the housework will wait. After all, there are only two more days left and then he, big brother Mr. C and Mommy go home.

My children, both teenagers, are getting ready to leave for work this morning. Miss C will be gone all day, while Mr. J will work till noon. We have only four more days before Mr. J leaves for the Czech Republic. Yeah, I read the headlines yesterday, thanks for the reminder.

As I sit here, I think about all the other things I should be doing, since Mr. W is sleeping. I should set the water out on the plants. I should make my bed, clean the kitchen, brush my hair. There are a lot of things I should be doing. Should I feel guilty about this? I suppose so. I mean, this is my job, right?

But it isn't like I get paid. It isn't like my boss is going to come down on me for not sweeping the floor. Yet, these things must be done. I still have papers to grade and next years school to lay out. I should exercise. I should defrost the freezer. I should.....

And yet here I sit, warm cup of coffee by my side, window open to let in the morning breeze, baby sleeping. Sigh. It just seems like a good morning to relax. It is Friday, after all.

Tomorrow will bring the hustle and bustle of loading for the dump, getting Mr. J packed for his trip (sigh!), and deal with Mr. W who may or may not decide to sleep in his swing. Tomorrow will be another day to sweep the floor. Tomorrow will have cares of its own.

Which means I better get busy, or I'll have Friday and Saturday's work to do!


Helen said...

Enjoy a moment off. I spent my afternoon lying in bed with the baby, thinking about the writing and drawing and sweeping that *I* was supposed to be doing. But I've also been sleep deprived for the past several nights, so to heck with all of that!

TJBrown said...

I hate enforced relaxation. Just like everything else in my life, if I don't choose to do it, it makes me nuts:)