Tuesday, September 06, 2016

And Now This...

If it hadn't been for Island Rider's comment, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to posting this. So. Stupid. Busy.

With what? Oh, you know, life and kids.

Here's the quick update: we are all still alive!

The long update:

Boy is 26 and finishing up school this year. He just released an awesome album. He makes me so proud. I love that he thinks outside the box and is creative and artsy.

Girl returned from Europe and married Mr. Right last January. She graduated with honors in the spring. Tomorrow, she begins teaching her first class at a small, private school.

KK or Thing One has made some great strides this year. I'm so proud of her. She plays Lacrosse, just got her first job and is a Junior this year.

Thing Two, is 13 going on 25. She just started middle school. She's pretty and sassy and 13. We all hope to survive her middle school years.

I have been with the insurance agency for just over a year. I love it. So much!

Beloved is still alive and kicking and making me laugh.

More to come! There are stories to tell and new adventures ahead. After all, I turn 49(!) this month and I have some plans!

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Island Rider said...

Great to hear from you! Such an exciting year!