Monday, October 13, 2014

Hoopla and Heartbreaks


It's been a while.

So busy.

So, so busy.

Our adoption finalized with very little hoopla. I was surprised. I mean, there we were, all gussied up and the entire thing took about 5 minutes. It took us longer to drive there than to actually complete the ceremony. Plus, the judge didn't even come over and shake hands. But it's finished. For better or worse, we are the legal parents of Thing One and Thing Two.

Heaven help us!


We had our adoption party and simply moved on to regular old life. No more social workers, no more court dates. No more asking for permission to do this, that or the other with our girls.

School started, I turned 47 (EGAD!), and here is Halloween looming before us.

And my boy's heart is broke. Fabulous Girl (whom we all LOVED) and our Boy decided to part ways. They just didn't want the same thing for the future. My heart hurts because his heart hurts.

It never ends, does it? These protective feelings just well up inside me. It's exactly like it was when he was little and hurt. I want to fix it.

Fortunately, I'm not a big enough nutcase to think I can fix it. Heartbreaks of adult men are NOT for mommies to fix. Mommies need to mind their own business and let time heal those wounds.

Oh, but it's hard...

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