Monday, May 19, 2014

Trouble, Trouble, Boil and Bubble.

I'm on a the verge of a deep and dark sadness. I have made the mistake of reading the history page on Pinterest. Most of the time, the pins are interesting and I usually walk away with new and interesting information. However, in recent weeks, someone is researching serial killers and I have made the colossal mistake of reading them.

Let us not forget the daily news...

School girls kidnapped simply because they are GIRLS receiving an education.

Coal miners dying.



All of which has led me to wonder about that goodness of ..... anything?

Where is the outrage? Where is the justice?

Why do people care about Brad Pitt throwing Mathew McConaughey a beer?

Every minute of every day someone is murdered, injured, abused, abandoned. Someone goes hungry. Another barely survives a twister. Earthquakes. Fire. War.

How can we be the good that we hope to see in others?

People are so petty. So small.

Myself included.

So, I sit here in my little pool of darkness and wonder what it's all about.

If this is all life is about, all this death, despair and judgement, than it stinks. It's putrid and boiling over with darkness. I hate it.

Show me the good! Give me all the smiles and rainbows you can find!

And I sit here writing this, just outside my window, I see a grey, bushy tailed squirrel munching joyfully away on a peanut. He is not aware of me and not aware of the burden sitting on my heart. He is just doing what he does.

The pansies are swaying slightly in the morning breeze and smiling up into the face of the sun.

An elderly couple is walking arm in arm, as they do every morning.

My life is good. Everyone is healthy. We are employed. I have friends.I believe in a life after this miserable life.

I just long for justice... now....but I know it's coming and will be far worse than anything I could even imagine.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

This little kiddie pool of darkness is rising and I can feel its slimy fingers pulling at me.

Come quickly.


T. Paine said...

Hmmm... You and I seem to be of the same mind set as of late regarding this topic, my friend.

That said, as you observed, there is still goodness and beauty in God's creation and in our fellow man. We simply have to look harder to find it some times these days.

Island Rider said...

Sigh. I hear you. The only thing we can do is to trust God and brighten up our own little corner of the world. Which you are doing with all those beautiful daughters and handsome son. Keep shining!

Patti said...

The next life will come soon enough, in the troubled moments before then, I will show you the good. Ahem. ~hands you mirror~ Please look upon the good He has made.


now, where's the cake. i hear that makes everything brighter...fluffier...nommier.

T. Paine said...

Love Patti's comment!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean!!!!! I have really been struggling with all the bad stuff out there and the pitfalls that await our children and grandchildren- so scary