Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Strength of Mighty Men

The emotional turmoil in my house has been at Mach 5 for weeks now. It all came to a head this weekend when I called a bluff and made a trip to the ER.

No worries, everyone is fine. In fact, everyone is so fine that the trip to the ER only made me look foolish. Which is okay, it provided an answer I needed.

And the dance goes on.

The problem with all the stress and drama is that it is starting to show in our daily lives. We are stressed. We are tired. Life has all sorts of little problems that seem so much larger when you are in the trenches.

My Beloved is growing weary with the weight of life's matters. His brother is dying of cancer and even though the brother is a boob and has made so many bad, bad, bad decisions, he's still a brother. It hurts when a sibling is dying.

The girls are a constant ride of thunder and lightning. They are here! They are there! They are everywhere emotionally. We have a court date coming up, which means anxious, bad behavior on all fronts. They have homework. They play sports. They want, want, want.

My Beloved is a mighty man. He is the logical, unemotional side of this marriage. If he goes down...well..you get the picture.

We need respite care and soon.


Patti said...

Peace, momma. May pace and calm and wisdom rain down on your lives.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about the cancer - I am sorry :(

Annie said...

Thanks Patty girl. That peace that passes all understanding is what we need today and every day :)

Annie said...

Kat- Oh girl...we never talk...

T. Paine said...

My prayers are with you and your whole family!