Saturday, October 05, 2013

Oh, Internet! You Giant Pain!


It's monster. It will steal your soul. Alright, not your actual soul per say, but it has all the tools to turn perfectly normal, rational people into self centered, egotistical, political, dim wits.

I admit that I enjoy using Facebook, but it's not my world.

Then again, I'm not a fourteen-year-old girl either.

Sadly, my fourteen-year-old foster daughter was told by her previous caseworker that she could certainly have a FB acct.

I think I groaned about it in a blog post last spring.

The problem is, KK doesn't realize how easy it is for someone to find her.

Like any number of relatives.

Her father.

Her brothers.



And an  assortment of cousins.

We are in the middle of a legal battle. A battle that KK wanted. She doesn't want to return to her father. KK doesn't want to live with her mother. She wants to be adopted. By us. Soon.

Beloved and I are not opposed to the girls having contact with their relatives. We've made it abundantly clear. However, there is a way that these things are to be done. They are clearly lined out by case workers, attorneys and DA's. All these very smart, law savvy folks whose job is to seek the foster child's best future possible.

So, why would my girl toss this all into the wind and have contact with a family member, lie about it, and then be completely astonished when I am LIVID over the breach of conduct?

It's all because she is fourteen. Nut head. She "forgot" that I know everything that happens on her FB account. She didn't think about her father being able to track her down. She sorry (make sure and read sorry in a whine, fourteen-year-old voice - it has better affect that way).

Oh little girl. How could you know how simple it is to track someone down.

Now, we dig out from under another problem. Again.

I would consider a total lock down (trust me, she's grounded) but it isn't like she can't get online at the school.

Oh Internet! You give me a pain! A giant, throbbing pain!

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