Friday, May 31, 2013

From Where I Stand

There was an attack at my house yesterday. It was low and vicious and it kicked me in the noggin' and made me sad. The blunt force trauma to my ego left me wobbly and little on the whiny side. The assailant was none other than that Big, Green Meanie, Mr. Jealous.  Left bruised and bandaged I managed to share the grief with my Beloved, who, to his credit, sat quietly and calmly sized up the situation in his logical manner. 

He's that kinda guy.

I went to bed with the intent of apologizing for my wah wah wah tirade, but fell asleep before he crawled into his side of the bed. 

Later, after I arrived at work and opened up my personal email (yes, personal email at the office....) I found the following email from my Beloved:

Are you depressed? Worried about money? Afraid you'll choke Hay-Hay or beat KK? Well have I got a deal for you! Not really…just wondering if you are OK.  Is it just envy of the jet setting life of Writer-Girl? Or Recently Single Girlfriend who is pursuing Lou Ferigno on the Internet? Or me driving a stunning new truck? Or Oldest Daughter going to University and you being stuck in the go to work and come home and work rut?

See, Mr. Jealous arrived when I looked on Facebook and saw all the wonderful adventures of my bestest buddy, Writer-Girl. She is livin' the dream. Her writing contract is firm. She's got two books out from a three book set (last one releases in the fall) and she has what just may be a blockbuster hitting book stores in a matter of days. Writer-Girl is currently touring a major city on a signing tour.
Don't get me wrong, I love my pal and I am happy for her success. She has earned everything that is coming her way. 

And I'm workin' for the man - hoping to pull off a couple of day trips with Thing One and Thing Two this summer, to keep the house spic and span and hopefully tame the jungle of a yard. My greatest ambition is to not wake up tired. 

Mr. Jealous is nasty brute and I don't remember inviting him home for dinner.

But last night, as I was falling asleep, I was reminded of words that once said to someone who questioned my homeschooling, home making, let's raise 'em right, lifestyle. I said,

"I would rather be the mother of two well adjusted, well educated, Christ serving adults, than to have the fleeting affection of the world."

My life is loud. It is colorful. It is filled with craziness and two fragile hearts. There are track meets and band concerts and multicultural nights at the elementary school. There are therapy appointments and doctor appointments and the adventure of dragging one 14-year-old show shopping for "girl" shoes (I'd rather eat glass).

From where I stand, my life is good. My biggest adventure might be conquering an ever growing mountain of laundry or it might be learning to traverse the public school system. Perhaps it will be helping KK to feel at home in her own skin or showing Hay-Hay what family really looks like.

It ain't glamours, but it's mine.

I gave Mr. Jealous a switch kick and sent him home. He isn't welcome at my house and if he returns, I'll sick Thing One and Thing Two on him. 

He doesn't stand a chance.

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