Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Moment Our Eyes Met....

Months ago I shared about KK and Hay Hay. I told ya'll how they needed a forever home. I explained a little bit about their drama. I wrung my hands, cried a few tears, said no...then said yes and finally accepted the simple fact that these two malnourished, abused, abandoned girls were meant to be our daughters.

And so it begins.

Last Friday I received an urgent phone call from the girls' case worker. Seems that things were truly disintegrating between KK (in all her hormonal, 14-year-old glory) and her foster mom (with her own set of waning hormones and emotions). It had gotten so bad that the case worker felt she needed to move them THAT DAY. What could I do but drive down there and pick up KK and Hay Hay and their mountain(!) of stuff.

It's been five days now. Five days of crazy. Five days of laughter. Five days of tears.The move was hardest on Hay Hay, who has a strong bond with foster mom. KK, snarky little thing that she is, pretends to be less effected. We know she's hurting and that the situation must be dealt with, but we are trying so hard to simply love them.

Now that they are here, the reality of every day life is upon us! How will we get them home from school? What happens on a sick day?

Oi! I need a nanny and how!

I'd really like to hire Alice, from the Brady Bunch. She was a gem. I don't know what Mike Brady paid her, but she was worth it.

I'll figure it out. I took this week as a vacation week and have enrolled the girls in school. I've still got to find doctors and dentists and therapists, but it will get done. Our Certification Inspection is Thursday.

These two are bringing new life into our home. I know that we started this journey thinking of all that we could do and provide for the girls, but honestly, they are blessing us in ways they don't even understand.

So, even though there are surprises waiting, even though we are all enjoying a "honeymoon" period, even though there are bound to be hard times ahead, I'm loving life. Next week, it will be back to the office, school, homework, and the reality of two more mouths to feed.

Life will never be boring with KK and Hay Hay.

Welcome home girls!


T. Paine said...

My thoughts, prayers, and I know God's love is with your (newly expanded) family!

Island Rider said...

Praying! And congrats!

Anonymous said...

just awesome - Love to you all!

Your Friend FOREVER!


Sandcastle Momma said...

A crazy life and two beautiful girls who need your love will keep you young! Good luck and I'm saying lots of prayers that everyone adjusts well.