Monday, January 21, 2013

We've Got Plenty of Time....NOT!

We finally, FINALLY met with the case worker. Surprisingly, we kinda liked her. Unexpected, I assure you. Not that I want to hang out with her and share secrets, but she'll do.

The big, surprising news is that the girls will likely be moving in soon. As in a couple weeks or a few days!

We've been walking around thinking we've got all this time. Time to get their room ready. Time to buy a new bed. Time to clean. Time to build the man cave...

But we have no time!

Needless to say, Beloved is amping up his room building. He needs to finish it before our inspection.

Interesting side note, once you are approved for foster care, if you change ANYTHING  in your home (build a room, remodel, etc.) you have to RE-INSPECTED.

Thus the rush to finish this room before the girls move in.

This room is important as it will be a safe place to keep valuables - such as Beloved's <strike>ridiculous</strike> amazing vinyl and antique stereo collections. It will also provide Boy with a room of his own when he comes to stay. Lastly, it will be the room that Beloved has dreamed of. But he's got only days to complete it.

For my part, I've been cleaning out closets, bedrooms, drawers. All in hopes that when our inspection comes, I won't have much to do to prepare for it.

We, the case worker, other foster parents and us, have decided that it's really important for Hay-Hay to hear the news that she is moving from her therapist. We all feel that she will have the hardest time adjusting. That is, we all thought that until this weekend.

On Sunday's we meet the foster parents halfway between their home and ours. It's easier on everyone since we live an hour from each other. I said goodbye to the girls and foster mom and I stood outside the cars talking. I could not see the kids from where I was standing. When foster mom went to get something out of the car, she stood up and said, "Guess whose crying her eyes out?"

Of course, I had no idea. I couldn't imagine either of them crying over me. Yet, Hay-Hay was sobbing because she didn't want to go home. It wasn't the misty eye cry either. It was full blown sobs, soaking face, burying her little face in her hands, kind of crying.

It just broke my heart.

I looked at her sister and noted that her eyes were pretty pink and shiny too. I hugged and spoke softly to Hay-Hay. I kissed her little head and told her to stop crying or I'd start and then we'd all be in a mess!

And then I cried all the way home.

Could it be that Hay-Hay is really starting to bond with us? Is it possible that she will transition better than any of us expected? Maybe.

KK, on the other hand, has a major case of the "The grass is greener..." She's ready to move. Not because she's so excited about us, but I think it's because she just wants to get the adoption ball rolling. Poor kid, she doesn't realize that it will be months before we can finalize. But at least they will be living with us during those months.

Our meeting with the case worker provided us with more information regarding the other family. We learned about drug deals and at least one death that the girls witnessed. We learned about their previous open cases with DHS and so many other sad and horrific details. I was disgusted to say the least.

All of this has been such a roller coaster ride. One minute I think it's a swell idea to toss two more kids into the mix...and the next I'm scared silly after hearing some scary event that involved one or both of the girls. Then all those tears fell yesterday and I'm finished. There is no backing out.

Thing One and Thing Two have stolen my heart and I cannot image my life without them.


Roo said...

I read each of your posts with great anticipation. I can not imagine what you are going through to prepare to bring things girls into your home, but it sounds like it will be a wonderful place for them.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop and updated on your journey. My love and prayers are with you all.

God bless your kind and loving hearts and souls!

Rhonda "Roo: ;)

Sandcastle Momma said...

They are so lucky to have someone like you to love them! After everything they've been through in their lives you are their Angel!