Monday, December 24, 2012

We Were Right! But Wish We Were Not

Remember these two:

That's right! It's The Destroyer and her sister Z-Monster! Weren't they cute? These two little tiny terrors spent eleven months with us as Foster children several years ago. They drove me crazy and yet I still wept bitterly when the case worker drove them away from our home for the last time.

The Destroyer and Z-Monster were returned to their biological mother and brother. We raised serious concerns about their safety. Beloved, pointed out that these two would be in danger for their rest of their lives due to their mother's inability to protect them from their older sibling.

I learned just a couple of days ago that the girls have been removed from their mother's care (again...third time's the charm, right?) and that they are living in separate homes. And what caused yet another upheaval in their lives? Older brother attacked Z-Monster, that's what!

I am livid! Thank you Nanny State for doing such a great job of protecting these two! Nice work!

This is the last time we saw them. It's been four years or more. My heart still breaks....

But then there are these two:

We've spent more time with KK and her little sister, Hay Hay. Of course, we are all still in the "dating" portion of this relationship, but we are learning more about them and they us. Word has it that they may be moving in sooner than in MARCH sooner!

I'm not ready!

And even though my heart and mind still waver and I wonder if this is the right thing to do...all I have to do is think about the Destroyer and Z-Monster and I KNOW we must do this.

Pray for these four girls, won't you? Two of them don't have a chance, but maybe, just maybe, the other two will.


Island Rider said...

I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

OMG . . . . Not happy here AT ALL. regarding the first two - ECTATIC for the second two - I am praying, praying, praying - you will do FANTASTIC and I am here for you. - Kat