Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nine Months

If the girls come to live with us, it won't be until June.

Nine months away...

Isn't that odd?

We spent last Friday night with the girls and the Foster parents. I made lasagna - a hit with Poker Face and served Teri's Lemon Cake for dessert - not a hit with KK.

We are learning so much.

Neither like vegetables

Poker Face is a typical 9-yr-old when it comes to winning or losing at a game:

"I'm just going to get new cards because I have a crummy ones..."

KK doesn't like sour things.

Poker Face is a little scared of Beloved.

The Foster parents are such wonderful people. Heck, I wish they'd adopt ME! And in a way, they have. They are including us in so many ways. Dance recitals, birthday parties, Christmas parties. We are thankful that they are a part of the girls' lives.

Their shoes are pretty big though.


But we've got nine months to prepare. Nine months to weave through the adoption process. Nine months to gather furniture. Nine months to figure out school and work.

In nine months, if things work out, we will have two more children!


Two more lives to share.

Two more hearts to love.

Two more souls to protect.

Two more stories to intertwine with ours.

Two more critters to pick up after, drive all over town, and teach and guide and adore.

In just nine months.


T. Paine said...

One wonders if this nine months will be any easier than the nine months before you brought your son and daughter into the world?

Island Rider said...

It will fly by. Praying.

Sandcastle Momma said...

So exciting!! I guess it takes 9 months to have a child -whether you grow em or adopt em lol
Time will fly and before you know it they will be with you!