Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Team

Along this journey, hopefully ending with the finalized adoption of two blue-eyed girls, many players have joined our team. Since our coach is The Lord God Almighty, we feel confident that whatever happens will be a win.

Last night we had dinner with Foster Mom and Dad. Just the four of us. No kiddies of any height, size, or maturity level. Four parents, who have been "parents' for many years. It was time to get down and dirty and review the game from the beginning.

We listened, Beloved and I, as the tale of these children's lives unfolded before us. Sometimes we simply nodded because there were no words to say. Other times we laughed outright, finding a common thread with two complete strangers.Then there were the moments when I mentally needed to remind myself to stop clenching my teeth and to loosen my fingers from their white knuckled fist.

It's so much more than just neglect.

So much more than drugs, assault, homelessness.

More than starvation.

When the dust settles and the players have untangled their bodies from the pile, it boils down to abandonment.

People were not meant to be disposable.

In many ways KK and Poker Face (formerly known as Pickles) are very much like our former foster daughters, Z-Monster and The Destroyer.They all share a tale of foolish parents, making poor choices. However, that is where the comparison stops. KK and Poker Face have experience more horror than any child should ever have to endure.

When KK and Poker Face were welcomed into Foster Mom and Dad's home, they came with baggage. They dumped their nightmares unto their pillows. They unfolded their Boogie-Men and hung them carefully in the closet. Gently, they flexed their scars and waited for adults to do what adults have always done...forget them.

But that isn't the game that Foster Mom and Dad play.

And it's not the game we play.

Together, we four adults thoughtfully discussed the what ifs of the future. Game plays were sketched out, muscles stretched and flexed, protective gear (the Word) strapped into place.

No matter what comes our way, Beloved and I know we have a team that will carry us to victory. Whether KK and Poker-Face come to live with us, or with another family, we are confident that it's these two little girls who will triumph in the end.

And it's enough for us.


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Barrie said...

I have goosebumps after reading your post! Glad you happened on my blog at just the right moment. :) And you know my child #4 is adopted, right? :)

Anonymous said...

all I can say is wow and sad . . . . sure praying for these little girls' lives and for you to be the family they need :) Love, Kat

Sheila said...


I'm not sure how I ended up reading your post but want to wish you well. Six of our seven children were adopted, and four joined our family when they were of school age (between 7 and 12). If you're looking for more reading material, you might consider my novel, Waiting to Forget (namelos 2011).