Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Companionship of Strangers

I asked Foster Mom why KK and Pickles had been removed from their parents. She replied that it had to do with drugs and neglect. Both girls are severely small for their age.


I asked how these two ended up in our state, since their biological parents live in another state. Foster Mom explained that they had received a call at 3:00 pm on a Wednesday afternoon seven months ago. The Caseworker asked them to drive many hours to a state far away. She requested that they pick up KK and Pickles and bring them back.


I confided to Foster Mom that I worried about their mental well being and other issues that might arise (also known as my "what ifs"). She could only laugh and assure me that I will be amazed at how "normal" KK and Pickles are.


Together, we began piecing the puzzle of friendship together and were both astonished to find that the two of us, two complete strangers who have never met face to fact, are well on our way to becoming friends.


This strange, new relationship, all because of two lost, lonely, abused little girls, leaves me speechless. I suppose though, upon reflection, that we are not strangers, but sisters in the family of God.



patti said...

you are at the beginning of an amazing journey. god speed, momma.

Roo said...

I do so admire you for taking this on. And it is wonderful that you are developing this new friendship. Keep us posted. I wish the very best for all of you!

Island Rider said...

Awesome! Thought of you this evening. Our pastor preached a sermon on risk taking yesterday. I missed it because I was in Children's Church, but I listened to it on line tonight. I think it might encourage you, too. Go here to hear it. PS. In some of it, you have to imagine that he was on a balance beam on the stage, just a practice one, six inches off the ground.

Annie said...

Ah, Girlfriends! As I read each of your comments I smiled at the simple fact that we have never met, we have never conversed on the phone, and all of us are at different stages in our lives...and yet...How wonderful is the companionship of strangers :)

I'll be listening to the sermon and I love the mental image!

Barrie said...

This is such an incredible story. I'm a huge fan of adoption. That's how we got child #4. ;)