Friday, September 21, 2012

Of Cars and Phones and Little Girls with Freckles

I was rear-ended last night. Just moments after getting off work a bright, shiny, red Lexus slammed into me at a stoplight. I feel bad, because the first thing I thought of was, "Thank God it's a Lexus!" The other driver took total responsibility and we parted on good terms.

Yeah, my head hurt a little but it just didn't seem like a big deal.

Today, I feel like one big cramp. Sigh. The good doctor said it could be 2 to 4 weeks before I feel better. That is insane! It's not like there was a ton of damage done to my car. It's not like it was a speeding accident.   I refused to go to the doctor last night because I felt like it wasn't a big deal and I didn't want to be "that guy".

You know the one. He's always lookin' to make a fast, easy buck.

I hate that guy.

But, I felt just bad enough to go to the doctor and stay home from work. I kinda feel like poo, truth be told.

In adoption news...well, there isn't much to tell.

I received a call from the Foster Mom who told me that she spoke with the person who handles the certification process and they are sending us care paperwork so that we can take the girls for a visit.

Day visits, over nights, weekends...with the girls!

It will also give us a leg up over anyone else who might be interested in adopting KK and Pickles, since we will have an actual relationship with them. Those words stopped me in my tracks. I mean, who else is going to adopt "our" girls?

Of course, they are not "our" girls. I haven't even met them! But I have cyber-stalked their family on Facebook and they all looked soooo normal.

Which leads me again to my concerns about adopting children who shouldn't have been removed from the biological family in the first place. I refuse to be partner to social services evil plans to destroy a family.  I need answers!

The FB pages weren't too telling, but there was a neat video of the girls from a couple years back. They were floating on tube in a river. They were so carefree and were having such a great time. It just makes me feel horrible for them and their family.

What happened?

Time will tell. I can't wait to meet them and judge for myself. And I cannot wait till the caseworker finally meets with us so I can ask my million questions.

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