Sunday, September 30, 2012


What to do or say to the nay-sayers....

1. Say, "Don't just think what you're thinking. Please verbalize your disagreement so I can disagree with you."

2. Hang up the phone.

3. Listen carefully. Look for truth in their words. Take what's good and useful. Leave the rest.

4. Laugh at them because they don't see God's hand in all of this.

5. Admit that there are troubling, difficult times ahead. This isn't your first pony ride after all.

6. Refuse to discuss the matter.

7. Agree to disagree.

8. Be the bigger person.

9. Love them. Forgive them.

10. Ask them to forgive YOU.

11. Remember that everyone has an opinion and are therefore entitled to it.

12. If there are more nay-sayers than cheerleaders, you may have a serious problem and should consider wise council.


Thus far only one person has told me that I am out of my ever-lovin'-mind (and perhaps we are). Another one reminded me to seek therapy for the girls (wise words and I've taken them to heart).

A third didn't really say anything, she was very quiet. This bothered me most of all because I know she has an opinion and it's probably not one I want to hear. So, I sit here pondering if I want her to speak clearly, or if I just want the silence to hang between us.

Everyone else? It's been all encouragement and hugs.

But, now the hard work begins and we step into the great unknown where other people, strangers(!) decide our fate. Well, not really. I know who guides my fate and I know He has a plan. I just hope I'm strong enough to follow it.


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Ra Ra Shish Koom ba!I am a cheerleader - LOVE YOU - Kat