Saturday, September 29, 2012

Butterflies are Stirring

Today is the day.

Today is THE day!

In just a few hours we will meet KK and Pickles for the very first time.


I phoned their Foster Mom this morning and she told me that KK is soo excited and has been up since early. Of course, she is simply excited to see Girl. She has been told that we are just coming by for a visit...since we are in town...

I'm glad she doesn't know. I'm glad she thinks her friend from summer camp is just coming for a visit. If she knew, she wouldn't be herself. She'd be nervous. Like I am.

I baked cookies last night because that's what I do: I feed people. Plus, I figured cookies couldn't hurt.

I cannot believe that we are considering this.

I cannot believe we would not consider it.


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Island Rider said...

Praying it went well!