Saturday, September 29, 2012

And Then We Met...

The house sits just outside of the small town our son lives in. You can tell from the front yard that this is a home that is loved. As we walked to the front door, my little family of four and I, the butterflies in my stomach took one final tour before that door opened and we began the first step of our new lives.

They stood there, KK and Pickles, tiny, tiny, tiny girls.

Did I mention they were TINY?

My breath caught in my chest. The conversation whirled around me and I followed it, my eyes refusing to believe what I was seeing. Two girls, their small forms telling a tale of neglect and starvation. I would learn later of more abuse and neglect, but for the moment I focused on two sets of blue, blue eyes.

Pickles was so quiet, so shy. Foster Mom would prompt her to tell us things or show us. She would quietly answer the questions I asked.

KK couldn't stop smiling. She clung to our Girl, she giggled at Boy's jokes. She listened to our funny stories, all the while, smiling.

There was more, so much more, but it's all wrapped up in my heart and I just don't know how to tell their...our story.

Tonight, I called the Foster Mom to find out what the girls said about us and to tell her what our family thought about them.I cried, she cried, and we both laughed and laughed and laughed.

KK asked her Foster Dad when she can come stay with us.

Pickles said, "I could live with them forever."

And now we pray...we pray that the God that caused all this to begin in the first place, will see it to its end and that two tiny girls without a home will soon live in ours.

Because you see, they have both moved into our hearts and we will never, ever let them go.

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Patti said...

i am *almost* speechless as i follow your stories. so much love. so much hope. so much faith.

makes my soul smile. well done, momma.